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Helping Young Adults Across the Northwest

Telephone: 01772 446226

Out of Hours 07834 853478

Company Registration Number 12906802

About Your Founders 


Adel grew up without a father figure, to missing out on life-changing opportunities by sheer bad luck, yet each setback merely spurred him on to achieve greater goals.

In recent years Adel has explored the topic of “Motivation” – An author of Motivational Book, O’Boy! Be obedient to your vision.  Adel's book is set out to raise the self-esteem of young people and put them on the right path to accomplish all they want from life.  Adel has worked at several companies including BAE Systems, NHS, and Lloyds Banking.  Adel presently works at DWP as a Case Manager / Work Coach.

“Have a dream, it will become your words, your words will become your actions, your actions will become your habits, your habits will become your character and finally your character will become your destiny”


My story starts way back in my young teenage years.  I have suffered from depression from a young age around 15 years old, this was due to various factors.  Depression is not like a broken leg, you cannot see it.  When you have others telling you "your no good" or you will "amount to nothing" it does affect your overall confidence and feeling of self-worth.  I was bullied at junior school all the way through high school, though eventually I did stand up for myself and it was the hardest thing I had to do. 

I was also involved in destructive relationships right through my teenage years, and due to my assaults found it hard to open to any male.  I met my husband at the age of 20 after leaving several toxic relationships, whilst working at Butlins.  Due to my life experiences, I feel that I can help to show you that there IS a future for you, and you can be whatever you want to be.  You ARE worth something special and you do have it within you.  Once you can find that with our help here at Empower your ambition and goals can be limitless. 

I now run a successful travel business and have been in this industry for over 18 years, and also run Fairydust Events (, a non-profit organization raising funds and awareness for some amazing local causes by holding various events around Lancashire as well as working with BEAT 103 on my shows in the studio and being involved with Empower Your Future. 


My name is Leroy Allen.  I have lived in Preston for all of my life, and have always worked alongside young adults whether running football teams, teaching youngsters to become DJ's and working with them in becoming radio presenters at BEAT 103 which I have done for over 6 years including Rock FM.  My credit to date was teaching Tom Green who worked with the team at Guild Radio Preston.  

He now does the Breakfast show on Kiss Breakfast.   I also mentor the presenters we currently have including our fellow director Sarah Williams, Live Lunch presenter Jadie Swales and Gemma Brennand.